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No experience necessary - for women 19+. Artistic Swimming SYNCHRO Join us for FITNESS & FUN Increase strength, stability and flexibility.


For those who can swim in the deep end and want to learn how to do artistic swimming.


Ideal for those who already have some skills in figures and routines.


Athletes who have competed when they were young or have been swimming as an adult for a few years and have highly developed skills.

Synchronized (Artistic) Swimming

West Coast Synchro Team

Coached by highly skilled and experienced artistic swimmers, we practice twice per week with 90 minutes pool time at the Walnut Grove pool from September through May. Coaches train us for strength, stamina and flexibility and to improve our aerobic fitness.

Each athlete can choose between Recreation or Competition status. At this time we are all Recreation athletes but we have competed in the past.

NOTE: Due to COVID restrictions on indoor pools, we are temporarily swimming at Aldergrove outdoor pool.



  • I joined with only basic swimming experience and ability and absolutely LOVE it! The ladies are friendly, the coaches are great and it is so much fun. If you want a great workout and and love to laugh then you need to try adult synchronized swimming.

  • Even though I’m totally out of shape, I’ve noticed progress with each practice. Coach helps us all improve skills and fitness which means we get a great workout and have so much fun!